Newsletter - November 13, 2017

What an honor to hear from two of our very own Veterans Past President Mauro Trejo and Past President Will Kelso speak of their experience as they both served our country in the 2000s. As Mauro was finishing out his duty, Will was just starting his. They both spoke of their memories with so much emotion and passion. It is a privilege to be a Rotarian with these two heroes. 

Our Board of Directors were busy on Tuesday reflecting on the first four months and planning out the next two quarters of my term.

In addition to our countless guest speakers and craft talks our club has participated in the following events:

  • July - Service - Compton Initiative 
  • July - Building - Induction 
  • August - Service - AUSD Backpack Giveaway
  • August - Service - Alhambra Pantry
  • August - Social/Service - Random Act of Kindness
  • September - Social - Football Bingo
  • September - Community - Governor Group Luncheon 
  • October - Building - Governor Club Visit and Induction 
  • October - Service - Club 21 
  • October - Community / Service - Pumpkin Run 
  • October - Social- Murder Mystery Dinner

If we haven't seen you since our Dodger Social OR you've not had an opportunity to participate in any  of our services we have several opportunities for you in the next two weeks.