Newsletter - November 6, 2017

We love hearing how we've made an impact in a community. Dr. Marisa Tellez, co-founder of Crocodile Research Coalition ( visited club last Thursday to give us an update on the "Next Gen Croc" project that we assisted during IPP Patrick LeBrun's term. As written and shared by Dr. Tellez: 

"With these funds, we were able to get the scientific equipment needed to accomplish the surveys (GPS, refractometer, and pH monitor), pay for boat captain and gas, as well as pay for educational outreach material as the students also participated in educational awareness around their community.  We are also happy to say our students have been internationally recognized by Ecology Projects International (EPI) for their conservation work and leadership, and one of our student’s Annabella Requena won a conservation leader award through EPI.  The CRC and Next Gen Croc thanks Next Gen Rotary San Gabriel for their support as these amazing accomplishments would not have been done without you! (And the CRC is happy to announce that participating students of Next Gen Croc are now looking into a career in science!)."

Thank you to Social Media Chair Richard Sanchez and Service Chair Gabriel Sanchez for sharing what they've learned in "Profits on Wall Street". The game "Cashflow" is very informative and comparable to real-life situations. As an educator, I wish students have opportunities like this to learn about finances and how their decisions impact their life. 

Congratulations to David Truong and his wife in welcoming their Baby Boy Greyson Dash Truong on November 3, 2017.