Newsletter - December 11, 2017

Last week's program reminded me why I became a Rotarian and why I opted to lead the organization. Our Sergeant at Arms Nic Everett had our members share our reasons why we became Rotarians and our guests shared what they were thankful for. We were fortunate to hear such great and uplifting responses. Our Rotarians spoke of the service we do for our local community, but the most common reply was the pride that each of us spoke regarding the relationships we've built from acquaintances to friends to family. I loved hearing the similarity with our guests responses as they shared their gratitude for their family and loved ones. 

As an educator, I decided my year to be focused on students, specifically secondary students. In a whim, President of Rotary of Monterey Park Yvonne Ng reached out and asked if we can assist in sending another student to TLC (Teen Leadership Camp). I reached out to a local elementary school that is touched by both our clubs, Monterey Highlands. They nominated Marcelo Yip. Marcelo and his family visited our meeting and shared his experience. His presentation, personality, and wit was energizing. He thoroughly enjoyed the meeting and networking with new peers and fellow leaders. 

San Gabriel Valley New Generation Rotary also welcomed Century High School and Independence High School (CHS/IHS) Principal Mr. Phuong Nguyen to our weekly meeting. During a Board of Directors meeting, I presented on the Caring Centurions annual donation fund that CHS/IHS staff collects on behalf of their families. It was unanimously decided to support the program this holiday season. We presented $1000 worth of Target gift cards to Mr. Nguyen so he and his staff can continue on the tradition of assisting several families. Upon acceptance, Mr. Nguyen shared how his students inspire his day-to-day work. I am fortunate to call him a mentor and colleague. 

In addition, we wanted to also thank Jamal for welcoming us to the Twohey family on a weekly basis.  

Last but not least, our very own Fireworks Master Albert Rodriguez shared his experience with the Tournament of Roses. I am in awe of the time and dedication that countless volunteers provide for this wonderful organization to host such a renowned event. Albert is not our only Rotarian that demonstrates this dedication, but also Membership Chair and Past President Chris Paulson, Past President Will Kelso, and member Lauren Myles.  

Speaking of the Tournament of Roses, we will continue our tradition by cohosting a the Holiday Chamber Happy Hour as we share this year's Alhambra City float.

Thank you to Victor and Mellie Yip, parents of Marcelo Yip, for donating to SGV New Generation Rotary. Their donations will directly purchase toys for the Spark of Love.